Meet Your Maker: Leah Nguyen places her soul — and yours — into her paintings


Meet Your Maker: Leah Nguyen places her soul — and yours — into her paintings

The Seattle musician utilizes religious guides to generate portraits that are kaleidoscopic.

In this in-camera dual publicity, musician Leah Nguyen is photographed inside her garden, juxtaposed against certainly one of her heart portraits. Photographed Feb. 27, 2020. (Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut)

Whenever Leah Nguyen gets commissioned to paint someone’s soul, her process is measured and precise.

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First, a sense is got by her of this customer, either in individual or by examining a photograph. Then, she asks group of nature guides a couple of yes or no questions regarding every detail of her artwork. She starts during the center and techniques outward, including forms and color to produce a geometric, pastel mandala. Over the real method, her “soul team” responds via “energy assessment, ” that involves Nguyen forming an “O” along with her index hand and thumb. The team is signaling that the design element is an accurate reflection if she can’t break through the O with two fingers of her other hand. read more →